What has been done so far consisted on installation of: 5th floor reception lobby in 6 x 6″ antique mosaic (700 sf) whose surface had to imitate the same curvature as the ceiling.

Sheltair (Private Airport) 

Project in which every 6 months different areas and environments of the airport are renewed. It started in 2010 and as of the date (2019) works continue to be carried out, so that Sheltair is constantly evolving.

Simon Orthodontics

Project carried out in September/October of 2018 from scratch, in a period of approximately 40 days that consisted in the installation of 12×24″ gray porcelain tile at a 45° angle on floors (2,500 sf), same tile on 3 bathrooms and 12×35″ white ceramic relief tile (also known as 3D tiles or dimensional tiles) on walls (1,500 sf) 

MJ Simpson

This Project was done at MJ Simpson’s headquarters offices.

The project consisted on installing Old Chicago brick veneer on the walls (1,600 sf) and hexagonal mosaic tiles on the kitchen and bathroom floors (350 square feet).

Griffin Pointe

The General Direction of the Project was carried out by Hernandez Construction Co. and consisted in the installation of 24×24″ white ‘marble look’ porcelain tile on the entire floor in the lobby area and corridors (1500 sf), installation of 12×24″ gray porcelain tile on the floors & walls of 14 bathrooms (2500 sf), and 12×12″ glass mosaic tile on two backsplashes (60 sf).

Kitchen – Miami 

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200 E Las Olas Boulevard 

The Project was conducted under the general supervision of Mike Miller (Stiles Construction Co.) and consisted on the remodeling of the lobby floor including corridors and elevators (approximately 2000 square feet).

We used two different types of marble (ivory cream and limestone dark) and we had to be extremely precise to achieve that the circle at the heart of the lobby perfectly matched -both in size and location- with the blueprints and the furniture that was custom made for that area.

Balconies – Edgewater

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Bathroom – Downtown

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