What has been done so far consisted on installation of: 5th floor reception lobby in 6 x 6″ antique mosaic (700 sf) whose surface had to imitate the same curvature as the ceiling.

  • Floor at open working area in white porcelain of 12 x 24″ (1000 sf) Brown porcelain at buffet area 12 x 24″ in floors (2000 sf) and white mosaic of 3 x 6″ in backsplash.
  • Dark brown glossy porcelain on floors (24 x 24″) and walls (12 x 24″) in 18 bathrooms (16,000 sf) combined with same color mosaic
    in lavatory area 24 x 24″ black and white ceramic with designs (600 sf) in private working area whose surface also had to imitate the ceiling’s curvature.

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